Personal Self-Worth and Confidence Assessment

Welcome to the Personal Self-Worth and Confidence Assessment

I am glad you took the bold decision to help yourself. I am confident I can help you.

Like you I went through similar challenges and it is my mission and joy to help woman like yourself. Tighten your seatbelt, together we are going to FLY!!!!!


Inside each of us reside numerous voices, echoes from the past that quietly at deep level shape our beliefs and self-perceptions. These voices, imperceptible to our conscious minds, begin their influence in childhood. Over the years, we form agreements with ourselves—hidden, dormant, yet active beneath the surface.


Complex Circuit
These inner agreements, the promises we make, the beliefs we accept, weave a complex circuit within us—shaping our self-worth, self-love, self-esteem, and ultimately self-confidence. While we may think we understand their origins, attributing them to specific events, studies in psychology and self-awareness reveal a deeper truth.


First Step
In this self-assessment journey, you'll explore the concealed web of your inner world.

Welcome to the Self-Worth Perception Assessment, designed to reveal these hidden beliefs and provide insight into your self-perception. Let's begin.

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